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Short films have limited theatrical distribution options, especially in the United States. Yet, audiences love short films, which is why most festival short showcases sell out quickly, and there is an entire festival circuit dedicated to only short films.

Big Screen Shorts brings award-winning shorts to audiences in a special theatrical presentation. 

Distributed through CineLife Entertainment to theatres across North America, this limited series gives eager audiences a chance to view short films as they were intended to be watched — on professional cinema screens. Want to show Big Screen Shorts in your cinema?. Request a booking here.

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coming to theaters SPRING, 2019

Read more about the eight incredible short films in our first showcase, watch trailers, and connect to their social media.

About the showcase

The inaugural showcase of Big Screen Shorts is a feast of flavors. Eight shorts in total, from a Cuban comedy, to a touching tale of loss, to an adrenaline-filled look at an inner-city police officer.

We kick off the show with three films.  In THE MACHINE, a woman as won the American Visa Lottery. and must decide whether to abandon her annoying family.  Next, a young man traces the origin of a unique family tale in FISH STORY. And lastly, Israeli director Ilay Mevorach explores one woman’s prejudices in OPEN YOUR EYES.

Lightening up the mood, an unlucky-in-love yet irrationally optimistic New Yorker thinks her luck has changed when she spends the night with the man of her dreams — or is he just a SAC DE MERDE. Next, a young woman challenges us with questions of identity and culture, using every precious moment of her three-minute short film in Maeve Jackson’s ‘THE BEAUTIFUL’: THE STORIES SHE TELL. And we close out this block exploring how little girl’s world is changed forever during a seemingly innocent family road trip, in the heartbreaking film, SO MUCH YELLOW.

Our final section of films takes us to the extremes: snow-capped mountains to inner-city Los Angeles; comedic heights to personal lows. First, during an apocalyptic snow storm, an alpine team must conduct a hazardous search when one member goes missing in MOUNTAIN FEVER. And we conclude tonight’s showcase with Amanda Renee Knox’s powerful debut short, NIGHT CALL, exploring the personal toll on an accomplished police officer when she is called to a disturbance, and she is forced to make a life-altering decision.

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This first showcase is presented by Ann Hornaday, chief film critic at The Washington Post, and author or Talking Pictures: How to Watch Movies.


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