Big Screen Shorts was created by Jon Gann, and his consulting firm ReelPlan, have years of film programming experience, as the creator of the DC Shorts Film Festival and Sunderland Shorts Film Festival, and as an advisor to dozens of events, including the Bermuda International Film Festival, Key West Film Festival, DC Environmental Film Festival, Port Townsend Film Festival, Tallgrass Film Festival, SF Indie Fest, and the Portland Film Festival. Jon is also a founding board member of the Film Festival Alliance – the first association dedicated to professionalizing the industry, and the author of two books related to the film festival industry.

About Cinelife entertainment

Spotlight Cinema Networks has launched its newest division, CineLife Entertainment, to deliver event cinema and alternative content programming to consumers through it's extensive global exhibition network.

CineLife Entertainment offers a variety of outstanding entertainment events in movie theatres across the United States and abroad. Consumers have the opportunity to be fully engaged in events that entertain them the most — theatre, opera, dance, cult and classic films, anime, contemporary musicals, inspirational films and more!

CineLife Entertainment delivers a turnkey marketing and distribution plan for each global cinema event. They provide a distribution platform that includes a full suite of digital cinema services for filmmakers and event cinema distributors looking to leverage our unmatched audience reach through our partnerships with the largest network of art houses and strong relationships with commercial exhibitors.